Sea Freight Forwarding, Trucking, Multi Modal Transport Document

VIGO LOGISTICS offers its customers comprehensive warehousing & Storage facilities. Through our own space as well as leased space we can provide virtually any form of storage required by the customer.

Bonded Warehousing

VIGO LOGISTICS provides its customers with the facility to bond cargo without payment of the entire duty at the time of Import. This enables the importer to not lock up additional money in the form of duty payment as well as saves on inventory costs. The cargo can be de-bonded as & when it is required by paying duty.

General Storage

Closed Storage -For cargo that has already been customs cleared, VIGO LOGISTICS can provide closed storage space for cargo that is sensitive to weather conditions thereby reducing the importer's requirement for storage space at site.

Open Storage - - Open storage is also available for cargo especially bulk commodities that are not sensitive to heat, light & moisture.

Refridgeration storage - VIGO LOGISTICS can also provide refrigerated storage facilities for perishable cargo which needs to be stored at very low temperatures such as frozen seafood, fruits & vegetables, medicines life saving drugs and other perishables

Unpacking, Sorting, Repacking, Palletization

In addition to storage VIGO LOGISTICS also provides packing, unpacking, repacking & sorting facilities as per the requirements of the customers. We also unitize cargo either in pallets or bags as per the requirement of the customers including the fabrication of the pallets itself.