Inward Clearance, Outward Clearance, Inland Transportation

VIGO LOGISTICS operates a fleet of over 135 trucks & trailers with an average age of less than 3 years. It is one of the youngest fleets in the country & enables the company to provide some of the quickest transit times in the industry without compromising on safety & reliability. VIGO LOGISTICS’s fleet has grown from a meager 12 at the end of 2000 to its current no. on date, an increase of 1100% over the last six years. The financials have been no different & the two coupled together bear testimony to our service levels resulting in its wide acceptance across the industry.

Apart from the core activity of moving ocean going containers on flat trucks or multi axeled, articulated trailers across the country, we also carry various cargo ranging in size from bulk commodities such as steel & timber to cargo as small as safety pins & specialized cargo such as racing cars & go karts.

Closed Trucks for Bonded Cargo

Bonded Cargo is cargo that is under the bond of customs either due to the fact that inbound cargo has not yet been cleared or that outbound cargo has already been cleared. The transportation of such cargo must be only by closed trucks which can be sealed by customs. This requires special locking facilities which are available with VIGO LOGISTICS.

Closed Trucks for Sensitive Cargo

While similar in concept to Bonded Trucks, here the cargo has already been cleared. However, such cargo is normally sensitive to rain, sunlight & other varying weather conditions. Similar trucks to those used for the carriage of bonded cargo are used to transport such sensitive consignments.

Over Dimensional & Odd sized Cargo

VIGO LOGISTICS also has exclusive & dedicated tie ups with transporters for the carriage of Heavy & Odd sized cargo on low bed, semi low bed & specially fabricated trailers.

Reefer Trucks

VIGO LOGISTICS offers safe & quick movement of perishable cargo in specially refrigerated trucks as well.

Small Trucks for Local Delivery

For local delivery & smaller parcel sizes VIGO LOGISTICS has its own small trucks also referred to as Light Commercial Vehicles that are easily maneuverable through densely populated cities & towns for any time delivery at door.

Specially Fabricated Vehicles

In the case of special cargo, VIGO LOGISTICS fabricates its trucks to suit the requirements of the customer for safe transit of such cargo. Such fabrication includes welding of cargo to the vehicle, providing specially welded wedges, lashing & various other equipments placed on board to ensure the safety of the cargo being carried.