Import Custom Clearance & Clearance Inwards Agent in Mumbai, India

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This is by far the more cumbersome of the two processes as a result of an Import Export policy designed to protect the Indian Economy. The customs & central excise tariff policy covers virtually any item imported into India under 98 Chapters with numerous headings. The headings are 8 digit nos. as per international norms & each heading attracts a different rate of duty. In addition to this, the government issues notifications from time to time, offering concessions on the same with respect to certain class of goods which it deems necessary for various reasons.

It is therefore imperative that the custom house agent has an in-depth & clear understanding of the same in order to guide the clients on the best alternatives available to them. Vigo Logistics by virtue of keeping a close & constant touch with key personnel in the customs house, always ensures that the company is up to date on such changes.